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Spine-Related Pain
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Effective Relief for Spine-Related Pain in Vista, CA 

At Advanced Spine & Joint Care, we understand how spine-related pain can impact your quality of life. Our specialized chiropractic care targets various spine-related discomfort, addressing the root causes for lasting relief. Our comprehensive approach encompasses a range of conditions and symptoms, ensuring your overall well-being.

Back Pain

When back pain strikes, temporary solutions like painkillers or heat packs might provide fleeting relief. However, at Advanced Spine & Joint Care, we tackle the underlying issues causing your pain. Our chiropractic expertise centers on spinal health, using targeted adjustments to realign vertebrae and enhance joint motion. By addressing the root cause, we offer natural, sustainable back pain relief.

Headaches & Migraines

Discover relief from chronic headaches and migraines through our specialized care at Advanced Spine & Joint Care. We delve into the origins of your head pain, crafting tailored treatment plans. Chiropractic adjustments, lifestyle adjustments, and advanced treatments like Y-strap traction and Spinal Decompression are customized to alleviate headaches and migraines at their source.

Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain is a prevalent issue, affecting a significant portion of the population. Our chiropractor, Dr. Mark Elliott, DC, collaborates with you to design a holistic treatment plan. Combining stretching, strengthening exercises, and precise chiropractic adjustments, we restore spinal alignment, offering both immediate relief and long-term well-being.

Hip Pain

Our skilled chiropractic team in Vista specializes in addressing hip pain. We analyze the root cause of your discomfort, devising personalized care strategies. We tailor our approach to relieving muscle strain, joint issues, inflammation, and nerve-related hip pain by employing diverse techniques, such as manual adjustments, massage, and Spinal Decompression.


Radiating pain in your lower back, buttocks, or legs often indicates Sciatica. At Advanced Spine & Joint Care, we're well-versed in managing this debilitating condition. Whether caused by misalignments, disc issues, or spinal stenosis, our experienced chiropractic team crafts individualized treatment plans to alleviate pain and restore your freedom of movement.


Benefit from over 30 years of Dr. Elliott's expertise in scoliosis care. Our gentle, effective chiropractic care addresses misalignments and supports spinal function enhancement. Through techniques like spinal adjustments, therapy, massage, and exercise therapy, we work to correct the curvature and alleviate pain associated with scoliosis. Experience increased range of motion and reduced back pain through our dedicated care.

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4.9 stars | 162 reviews
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