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Comprehensive Care for Various Conditions in Vista, CA 

Explore the diverse range of specialized care available at Advanced Spine & Joint Care to address various conditions beyond the conventional. Our experienced chiropractic team is dedicated to providing effective solutions, tailored treatment plans, and compassionate care to enhance your quality of life.


Vertigo can disrupt your balance and daily activities. At Advanced Spine & Joint Care, our chiropractic care targets vertigo by addressing underlying issues affecting your nervous system and spinal alignment. Through precise adjustments and therapeutic techniques, we aim to alleviate vertigo symptoms and improve your overall well-being.


Arthritis can lead to joint pain and limited mobility. Our specialized chiropractic care offers relief for people living with arthritis. By focusing on spinal health and joint function, we provide tailored treatment plans to alleviate pain, enhance joint mobility, and promote overall wellness.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis can cause foot pain and discomfort. Our chiropractic care offers effective relief by addressing the root cause of plantar fasciitis. We aim to reduce pain, improve foot function, and support your body's natural healing process through adjustments, therapies, and lifestyle changes.

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4.9 stars | 162 reviews
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