If you have been involved in a recent personal injury whether it was a slip and fall or an auto accident, then we are here to help you get better fast.

Dr. Elliott specializes in treating these especially tough cases, and have the expertise in managing your case from start to finish.

Dr. Elliott has over 26 years experience in successfully treating personal injury, auto injury and workers comp cases!
We use the latest technology including chiropractic adjustments, laser therapy, deep tissue and myofascial release techniques, non-surgical spinal decompression, oxygen therapy, nutrition, muscle stimulation, neuromuscular re-education, isokenetic exercise and more! Some of the keys to our patient’s success are:

  • We have specialized training in injury rehabilitation.
  • We have a level 1 rated rehabilitation facility (1997).
  • We have a full service clinic, including Physiotherapy.
  • We have a top notch list and network of San Diego’s finest doctors and attorneys that we can refer to, and who take liens. This means, ‘no out of pocket expenses’ to qualified injuries!
  • We can take most patients on a lien basis!
  • We have been trained to properly work with other doctors and lawyers to document your case from start to finish, so you get the best possible care and representation (if needed) possible!
  • We run a caring clinic that is family oriented. You can bring the kids!
  • Free consultations and office tour!
  • Se Habla Espanol!

Want to Learn More?

See why we are North County’s top pick for patient referrals and care by giving us a call now at (760) 598-9200. We look forward to meeting you soon!