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Vista Chiropractor for Auto Injuries,
Disc Injuries, and Pain Relief

Drs. Debra Asakura & Mark Elliott DC

Drs. Debra Asakura & Mark Elliott DC


Welcome to Advanced Spine & Joint Care: Drs. Debra Asakura & Mark Elliott DC

Advanced Spine & Joint Care specializes in advanced pain relief & personalized rehab with long term benefits for Vista, Carlsbad, Oceanside and San Marcos.

Dr. Elliott and Dr. Asakura both excel in treating especially tough cases, each with over 23 years experience and specific training in:

  • Evidenced Based Nutrition
  • Pregnancy Chiropractic
  • Family chiropractic
  • Chiropractic Tissue Release/Massage

Both doctors use traditional and low force chiropractic techniques to allow the fastest, safest and most comfortable approach to treat your pain and injuries. They also offer specialized options of advanced rehab techniques like the Kennedy Spinal Decompression Technique for spinal disc injuries as a safe alternative to surgery (non-medical emergencies), The Pettibon System of spine and posture rehab and advanced physiotherapy and exercise to help restore optimum spinal health, strength and function.

Interested In Receiving A FREE No Obligation Consultation?
Or Just Want To Get Started?

You can stop by or schedule a FREE no obligation consultation to see if you are a candidate for Chiropractic Care or any of the doctor’s many specialized treatments. The doctors like to say, ” If we can help you then we will let you know. If we can’t then we can refer you to someone who can. This way you can feel comfortable knowing you made the right choice. Also, if you are in pain, we will see you today!

Give us a call and schedule an appointment to see why Advanced Spine and Joint Care is the best choice in personalized care.

Drs. Debra Asakura & Mark Elliott DC | Vista Chiropractors

Advanced Spine & Joint Care
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